World Lindos

Le Cavalier Fantome

Hi everybody , just a french foreigner in the greek community , i would like to get a small information about the future world Lindos.

I'm playing in many communities and last speed 4 servers were the conquest last 12 hours , is it possible to have confirmation that the conquest duration will still be 6 hours in this server?

Thanks by advance


  • Σύστημα νίκης: Κυριαρχία
  • Ταχύτητα κόσμου: 4
  • Ταχύτητα Κυριαρχίας: Μέση
  • Ταχύτητα μονάδων: 4
  • Ταχύτητα εμπορίου: 3
  • Νυχτερινό μπόνους: 00:00 - 08:00
  • Προστασία αρχαρίων: 5 ημέρες
  • Όριο συμμαχίας: 50 μέλη
  • Σύστημα κατάκτησης: Κατάκτηση
  • Χρόνος αποίκισης: 12 ώρες
  • Ηθικό: Ενεργό

Le Cavalier Fantome

  • Χρόνος αποίκισης: 12 ώρες : this mean with the translator "time of colonization" okay , but as i know translater with greek don't work well.
And usually , in the config listing Innogames communicate the time to make a foundation , which can be 8 , 12 or 24 hours , but it's really rare that they communicate the duration of the conquest in the old conquest mode.

In the past it was not a problem , because you just needed to divide 24 by the speed of the sever , but i'm playing in many communities and last months all the speed 4 servers opened that i saw got a 12 hours duration time for the conquest.

This is the reason why i'm asking about the conquest duration time.